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Posted by Wendy Poltorek // September 16, 2020

buying foreclosed properties

What are foreclosed homes? Foreclosed homes are real estate properties whose owner failed to make the mortgage payments. It happens when the titular owner fails to provide payments for the loan amortization to a lender. It also occurs when the mortgage borrower also fails to pay the real property tax mandated by the government. These […]

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Foreclosure Home Buying 101

Posted by Wendy Poltorek // September 9, 2020

buying a foreclosed home

Foreclosure is a home that’s seized and put up for sale by the bank that gave the original owner a loan. When you see a home listed as “foreclosed,” it means that it’s owned by the bank. Every mortgage contract has a “lien” on your property. A lien allows your bank to take control of your […]

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How to Sell Your Home Before Foreclosure

Posted by Wendy Poltorek // September 2, 2020

How to Sell Your Home Before Foreclosure

One of the biggest personal and legal challenges you may face in your lifetime probably is about losing your home to foreclosure. Worrying about what can help you to avoid a foreclosure is another thing. One alternative is developing a plan of action to sell your house before you are sued in a foreclosure case. […]

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"David at CPD Homes helped evaluate our rental property on the west side of Cleveland.  He gave great, honest advice about our options, and guidance on what work would help us sell a house that we had trouble selling in the past.  David and Wendy (co-owner with CPD Homes) along with their team at Keller Williams recommended some staging options that we hadn't considered which I think helped get the sale completed much quicker than I even imagined!  The sale and transition was a really smooth process.  I highly recommend them for any similar projects."
-Eric and Cheryl Lazar, Cleveland Investor/Seller

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