Top Ten Tips To a Successful Real Estate Website

Top Ten Tips To a Successful Real Estate Website

tips to a successful real estate websiteWhile an app or a social media-only approach might seem appealingly simple, there are downsides to that technique. You can get up and running with your real estate listings website quickly, while still have time to keep your finger on the pulse of the housing market.

Below are some tips to a successful real estate website:

1. Make it a “User Friendly” Website. First and foremost you have to make sure that you are building a professional looking website. No matter how sophisticated your design is, if it is not easy to navigate and pleasant to look at, you will not hold the attention of users very long.

2. Target your Audience. Once you are confident that you have built a winning website, you have to go beyond the aesthetics and figure out to whom you are marketing. Your audience will factor into how you target your launch, where you announce the launch, and how your launch announcement is crafted.

3. Install ‘Analytics.’ Incorporating this into your web coding to track user behavior and usage. Do this before a launch so that you can measure if your website is working the way that you want it once it goes live. This is the best way to make changes immediately when your website designs are not having the effect that you want.

4. Go Testing! – Test, test, and retest to make sure that all pages, outbound links, images, and graphics are working properly. Even if you have gone through your website dozens of times, you may miss typos, broken links, or missing images. Have an independent third party test your site and get feedback.

5. Optimized your Site! Your website has to be optimized to be recognized by search engines. The algorithms that aggregate search results are constantly changing. Using a professional web designer can ensure that your SEO configuration is up-to-date.

6. Do a “Soft Launch.” Besides timing, a successful launch often starts with a “soft launch.” With a soft launch you can limit who can see the live version of your website to test its capabilities. It’s going live without going live. That will give you time to fix glitches before you make the formal announcement, improve navigability, and get feedback from actual users.

7. Issue a Press Release. Issuing a press release online to announce your real estate website launch can reach business directories, professional marketing firms, and other industry professionals who list businesses in your area.

8. Share on Social Media. Sharing your announcement on social media can help to reach the growing number of millennial real estate buyers. Make sure to link back to your website on social media.

9. Send an Email Blast. Targeting an e-mail blast to a close group of colleagues, friends, and associates asking them to check out your new website can produce enough traffic to push up your search engine rankings even if you only send it to a few dozen contacts. Remember to make the e-mail compelling enough to make them want to click your link.

10. Create Articles or Blogs! Especially in your blog content, you want to include backlinks to promote your content on other relevant real estate information sites. This helps to improve your search engine rankings and direct more foot traffic to your site. Content should also be informative and full of information that will cause other sites to link to your website.

Are You Ready to Go Live?

Maybe you are and maybe you are not ready. The best way to make sure that you have taken all of the steps to build a successful real estate website is to let a real estate web design team guide you step by step from pre-launch through post launch. To know more information about some tips to a successful real estate website marketing, or if you’re looking for an agent to sell your home, or realtors on flipping homes, you may call us @ 216-619-4387 visit CPD Homes LLC, we’ll be more than happy to assist!

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