These 4 Things Will Help you Sell a Home Fast

These 4 Things Will Help you Sell a Home Fast

these-4-things-will-help-you-sell-a-home-fastReal estate investors know that there are some key factors that help buyers decide on a home. Factors include the look of the home, furniture and fixtures, the neighbourhood, size of the home and of course the price. These key factors, if showcased properly, will be the driving force to sell a home fast.

It is important to know that any home buyer or tenant could be comparing numerous properties depending on the market. Sellers will want to take care of important aspects of their home for sale in order to stand out amongst other similar properties.

The following are 4 aspects home sellers should take into consideration to experience a successful sale:

1. Price It Right

Pricing your home properly is one of the most important components of a fast sale. Homes that are over-priced will sit on the market and decrease in value, and many buyers will recognize that similar homes are more affordable. If you need assistance in pricing your home, browse through our article “Sell A Home Fast: How to Price My Home Right?” for some helpful information.

2. Cleanliness, Exterior and Interior Appearance

Selling your home is just like selling a car.  Before you sell a car, you’ll want to make sure it’s in good condition and as clean as possible. The same goes for any real estate property; every aspect should be appealing, clean and ready for tenants. If you need some ideas, consider these simple ways to stage your home properly.

3. Safety & Security

Safety and security is one of the first things to consider when a buyer or tenant looks for their family’s future dwelling.  Things they may look for include a well-lit street, low or non-existent crime rates in the neighbourhood and well-manicured homes are just some of the “safe-and-sound” factors to consider.

It is a good idea to meet with potential buyers when they’re viewing your home not only to give them a good feeling about the home but also to explain to them how safe the area is.

4. Furniture, Fixtures and Amenities

These factors are especially important to houses for rent.  Most tenants are looking for houses they can rent with complete facilities such as a working refrigerator, heaters, dishwasher/garbage disposal and other amenities for convenience.

Those investing in a property should make sure that the home includes or is close to these types of amenities, and that the amenities are well taken care of.

As a real estate investor, these factors are very important to getting a sale. If you’re hoping to sell a home fast or rent, complete these tasks to impress buyers and build interest.

Refer to our article “6 Steps To Sell a Home Fast” to get helpful tips for your selling situation. You may also give us a call at 216-282-7284 and we’d be happy to assist you.



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