PROs and CONs Of Buying A New Home vs Old Home

PROs and CONs Of Buying A New Home vs Old Home

PROs and CONs Of Buying A New Home vs Old Home

Planning to buy home?  Do you require the latest trends in design and energy efficient houses? Or you want a pre-owned home where you can do some renovations inside and create your types of open spaces that make sense today?

These are some questions that confront many home shoppers before deciding on buying a new home or an old home. Your own answers are likely to depend on your lifestyle preferences, financing needs and the priorities you put on features like high energy efficiency, functional arrangements of interior living spaces and your desire, budget and aptitude when it comes to repairs and capital improvements.

We enumerated some Pros and Cons to consider when buying a new home or an old home.


PROs of a New Home:

You’re The First Owner – As the first owner of a new home, you won’t have to worry about ugly design decisions from a previous owner. In fact, most new construction homes will allow you to pick some of the finishes.

Little Maintenance – With a new home it should be years before you find yourself having to make big repairs. And if anything were to go wrong, new homes come with a builder’s warranty.

Big Closets – Seriously, if you want a big closet, bathroom or more storage a new construction home is your best bet.

Energy Efficient – New homes come with energy efficient windows, better HVAC and energy saving appliances. These upgrades in technology can save you a lot more on your energy bill.

IT’S NEW! – There’s something special about new things. There’s nothing like the feeling of something brand new.

CONs of a New House:

It Settles – No matter how well your home was built or how nice the soil is, homes need to settle and may do a lot of creaking the first few years.

Smaller Yards – New homes don’t usually come with a ton of yard space. New homes are competing with already developed neighborhoods.

Young Landscaping – If you don’t have a green thumb, you may want to rethink the landscaping for your new home. Trees and vegetation need time to mature.


PROs of an Old House:

Land – Older homes typically have bigger yards than newer homes. Newer homes have to squeeze into smaller lots.

Long-Term Neighbors – When buying an older home, you’re moving into an established neighborhood with people who have been there a while can be comforting.

Character – Older homes come with their own character and charm.

Mature Landscaping – Older homes come with landscaping that has had the time to mature.

CONs of an Old House:

Maintenance – Even if the previous owners just made a bunch of renovations, older homes can come many unforeseen complications.

Previous Owners – Old homes have gone through a couple owners and that means it’s gone through all of their crazy design and repair choices.

Small Closets, Bathrooms and Storage –  If you’re dreaming of a walk-in closet, you can just about forget finding one in an older home. Same usually goes for the bathrooms and storage, there never seems to be enough space.

Now that you know the Pros and Cons of buying a new home vs. an old home, you can decide on a home that appeals to you most.  Buying a property is a big deal, make sure you’re buying the house that’s right for you.  And If you need more information,  call us now and we are more than willing to assist and guide you whether you’re buying a new home or an old home.  You may reach us at 216-282-4332.  You may also reach us at this link.  We’ll be glad to talk with you!

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