“David at CPD Homes helped evaluate our rental property on the west side of Cleveland.  He gave great, honest advice about our options, and guidance on what work would help us sell a house that we had trouble selling in the past.  David and Wendy (co-owner with CPD Homes) along with their team at Keller Williams recommended some staging options that we hadn’t considered which I think helped get the sale completed much quicker than I even imagined!  The sale and transition was a really smooth process.  I highly recommend them for any similar projects.” – Eric and Cheryl Lazar, Cleveland Investor/Seller

 “I had an excellent experience and would strongly recommend Wendy and David at CPD Homes and Wendy’s team at Keller Willilams Greater Cleveland. As we worked through the selling process they were right there with me on everything for accessing market value, to assisting with getting necessary repairs done, to staging the home, to quickly closing the sale. I am very glad I chose to partner with CPD Homes and KWGC.” – Steven Bullock, Cleveland Investor/Seller

“I’ve had a personal relationship with Wendy and David for many years. When I found out they were launching CPD Homes in 2012, I wanted to know more because I had too much cash sitting in a Roth IRA. It was clear they had done their homework and I knew they would be successful from the start. Because of my confidence in them (and the nice interest rate they were offering on my money), I choose to be one of their first two private investors on the first property they bought and rehabbed using a self-directed IRA to earn interest tax free. After that property sold, they had another house in need of capital. I didn’t hesitate to roll my money into the new property and act as a private lender again. Six houses later, I continue to add more money and roll principal and interest into new properties with them. The interest they pay is hard to beat and I’m happy that I formed a professional relationship with them when they were getting their business off the ground. It’s been financially rewarding to be along for the ride as CPD Homes has flourished.” –  Brad Hauber, The Right Word

“Wendy and David have been close friends for many years. When they started CPD Realty and Holdings several years ago, I was among the first to invest in their business. It helped that I had already known them personally, and trusted their character and work ethic. I saw the time and preparation they took to learn their business model. They trained, were mentored by, and continually network, with other professionals who have applied their model in other markets nationwide. I saw how carefully David and Wendy worked to adapt the model and training to the local Cleveland market, and how they have approached each new neighborhood in unique ways. Real estate investing was new to me, but seeing how seriously they approached this venture, and knowing the risks they took in leaving prior careers behind showed me their commitment and belief in themselves. I could see it in their faces. Going on 5 years and several investment rollovers later, I have seen them overcome obstacles and persevere to grow their company in Ohio and expand into Florida. I am proud not only of them, but also the neighborhoods their work has improved, the families to whom they have provided a quality renovated home at a truly significant value, and that I have had the opportunity to play a small role.” –  Rob Thomson, Investor

“I have worked with Wendy and David for the past few years increasing my relationship with CPD over the last few years. I have really enjoy working with CPD Homes and have appreciated the professionalism and integrity shown by the entire organization.They are quality people doing quality work. CPD Homes have great clients, the management team regularly communicates with all stakeholders, they sell charming properties, and they are extremely professional & knowledgeable about all things real estate. I look forward to expanding the relationship I have with CPD Homes in the future, and highly recommend using their expert services. ” –  Jim Zalar, Investor

 “Inspection Tech. has worked with Wendy and David for the past few years. We really enjoy working with CPD Homes because they have great clients, they sell nice homes, and they are extremely professional & knowledgeable about all things real estate. We look forward to working with CPD Homes in the future, and highly recommend using their expert services.” –  Aaron Westerburg, Inspection Tech

“Watching CPD Realty & Holdings grow over the years has been exciting. As a full service insurance business, we have, and will continue to serve them with all aspects of insurance needs. They are professional and punctual. Their meticulous attention to details and dedication to their company make it an honor to have them chose Epic Insurance Center fill some of their needs.” –  Gina Cuccia, Epic Insurance Center

“I would like to complement Wendy and CPD Realty on their professionalism & knowledge whenever we work together on their insurance needs.  It is always a pleasant experience as we have worked together for close to 5 years.” – Maryellen Allen, Bob Allen Insurance Agency Inc

“CPD Homes has been a great partner for us. The attractive interest rate and quick return just makes sense.  The team made the whole process easy and did a great job of keeping us updated along the way.  Without regard, I recommend CPD Homes.” – Amy Robinson, Investor

“I have had the honor and the privilege to work with David and Wendy on several occasions.  In each instance, I have found them to be well prepared, knowledgeable and ready to move forward.  It is not often that you find a professional with all 3 traits.   Furthermore, they conduct themselves in a professional manner, always showing respect to everyone in which they are dealing.  I have no reservations recommending CPD to any of my clients.” – David A. Streeter, Jr., Esq.DEMER & MARNIELLA, LLC, ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW

“My wife and I have been investing with David and Wendy for nearly 5 years and our experience with CPD Realty has been nothing but positive. David has coached us on additional investment strategies; rentals, condos, apartments to better understand the real estate landscape. CPD Realty is helping secure our financial freedom.” Thanks David and Wendy! – Chris and Lori Rembold, Investors

“I have known Wendy for over 20 years and am delighted to work and invest with CPD Reality & Holdings. The work and commitment Dave and Wendy have invested in their business is truly amazing. It has been a pleasure to see the fruits of their labor. With their dedication and skills, they have transformed houses into works of art. Not only benefiting their investors, CPD has improved neighborhoods and house values in the areas they have worked. I as investor in CPD, have been very pleased with the communication and professional updates received during the renovation processes. I am blessed to be a part of the transformation they are providing in the community. I highly recommend working with them.” – Tracy Szabo, Investor

“Wendy and David did a great job in assisting me through a complicated closing process on my home. David was a great resource in helping me price the home and Wendy continually kept me informed and helped bring things to a close. I don’t know what I would have done without their help!” – Elizabeth Vernick

“Thank you!!!! Wendy and David helped answer some questions for me recently when I was looking at buying a foreclosure. They were quick to respond,did their research and gave me excellent advice. I was very nervous about my decision and after talking with them, I felt better prepared to make a decision that was right for me. I wouldn’t have had the confidence or the guts to place my bid if it wasn’t for them. They were a huge help and very professional! I can’t thank them enough! I would recommend them to anyone looking at homes!” – Jill Enneper Cammenga

“We cannot express enough how gracious we are for David’s help and expertise in this tough real estate market. The information and referral that David provided is priceless. It has been a very difficult time with a lot of tough decisions however David’s approachability and willingness to speak with us has provided us with solid answers and the facts we needed to steer us in the right direction with a new found sense of peace. It is rare today that you find people as genuine as David.” Joseph & Shant’ea Farley

“We have had the pleasure of partnering with David and Wendy on two rehab projects. Their approach in getting to know their teams on a personal level and their ability to understand the importance of holding their teams accountable so that project timelines are not at risk is what separates them from their competition. They are among the most highly skilled in establishing and developing relationships and they take the time to understand their client’s needs and wants. They are extremely self-motivated, articulate and polished professionals, and we look forward to working with them again in the future!” Blue Ink Homes

“CPD Homes offered a return on investment that was too good to pass up. Plus, they know the local real estate market, are very professional and are easy to work with, so I was confident investing my money with them.” Brad Hauber, Owner, The Right Word

“I have had the opportunity to lend my personal money to CPD Homes on several occasions, and can say that I have never doubted my investment for one minute. They have proven themselves as a company that delivers on what is promised.” – Amy Mahjoory (Investor)

“I have known Wendy and David for many years. Wendy brings an admirable enthusiasm and passion to her tasks and the activities she loves. Her ability to work with many people is an important strength that serves her well in any arena. David works with a steadfast dedication that guides him to completion of the projects he endeavors upon. They both demonstrate good vision and creativity. All of these traits will surely help guide Wendy and David to continued success.” – Jennifer Bowen-Sima, Managing Editor, Great Lakes Publishing