Add Value to Your Flipping, If You Want To Sell Your Home Fast – Flipping Before Selling

Posted by Wendy Poltorek // June 19, 2019 // Blog / Cleveland / Featured / Real Estate Investment / Selling Your House Fast // curb appeal / flipping before selling / flipping before selling a home / flipping houses / rehabbing / renovations and repairs / selling your home fast

Basically, “house flipping” or “flipping houses” is a term used when you are buying a house and then turning around and selling it for a profit.  Normally you spend some time and money (or someone else’s time and money) fixing things up (or “rehabbing” or “flipping”) the home.  Though this may not always be the […]

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Top Homeowner Fears When Hiring Contractors

Posted by Wendy Poltorek // August 30, 2016 // Blog / Cleveland / Real Estate Investment / Selling Your House Fast / We Can Buy Your House // fears when hiring contractors / hiring contractors / house flipping / real estate investment / rehabbing / rehabbing a house / remodeling / selling your house fast / we can buy your house


There are many factors that contribute to homeowner fears when hiring contractors and these fears can sometimes result in irrational decisions and unnecessary stress! Here we try to narrow down the list of the top homeowner fears when hiring a contractor to help you recognize potential problems and avoid them: Homeowners’ Fears When Hiring Contractors […]

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