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Top 7 Factors Required To Fight Foreclosure Process – At The Last Minute!

Posted by Wendy Poltorek // July 21, 2021 // Avoiding Foreclosure / Blog / Cleveland / Featured / Selling Your House Fast / We Can Buy Your House // foreclosure process / notice of default / scenarios required to stop foreclosure

scenarios required to stop foreclosure

When faced with foreclosure, most people dread the pressure of losing their property. While home foreclosure laws vary in every state, homeowners must know what scenarios required to stop foreclosure process – at the last minute! Foreclosure proceedings are done in judicial court for some states, like in Cleveland. This makes it easier for Cleveland […]

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Avoiding Foreclosure: 3 Missed Mortgage Payments to “Notice of Default”

Posted by Wendy Poltorek // June 23, 2016 // Avoiding Foreclosure / Blog / Cleveland / We Can Buy Your House // avoiding foreclosure / avoiding foreclosure in ohio / notice of default


When avoiding foreclosure, homeowners should be aware of the possible scenarios that can occur prior to receiving a “Notice of Default”, which can lead to the foreclosure of their home. We know the hardships of losing your home due to various circumstances, but a better understanding of the foreclosure process can help you prevent such […]

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