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Top 25 Real Estate Investing Terms Every Beginner Should Know

Posted by Wendy Poltorek // June 8, 2022 // Blog / Cleveland / Featured / Real Estate Investment // Appreciation / Buyer’s Market / Cap Rate / Cash Flow / Cash on Cash Return / credit score / Debt-to-Income Ratio / Equity / Hard Money Loan / Internal Rate of Return / Long-Term Rental / multi-family home / Net Operating Income / Off-Market Property / Pre-Approval Letter / Predictive Analytics / real estate agent / Real Estate Investing Terms / Realtor / Rental Income / rental property / Seller’s Market / Short-Term Rental / single-family home

Real estate is full of jargon and it can add layers of confusion to every ‘buy and sell’ process.  With proper knowledge, beginners investing in this industry will be able to communicate effectively with other real estate professionals and work more efficiently.  If you are new in this industry and planning to invest in real […]

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Real Estate Investing: Single-Family Home or Multi-Family Home?

Posted by Wendy Poltorek // November 21, 2017 // Blog / Cleveland / Real Estate Investment // multi-family home / real estate investing / single-family home / single-family home vs multi-family home

single-family home or multi-family home

Real estate investing comes in many forms. Buying a single-family home or multi-family home with the purpose of renting or performing a “buy-and-hold strategy” is just one of them. If you have decided to take this path, the question which many investors will ask is ‘Which one is a better buy?’ When looking for the best […]

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