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How to Stop Foreclosure in Ohio

Posted by Wendy Poltorek // January 18, 2017 // Avoiding Foreclosure / Blog / Cleveland / Featured / Selling Your House Fast / We Can Buy Your House // foreclosure mediation / forgivable loans / how to stop foreclosure in cleveland ohio / how to stop foreclosure in ohio / mortgage refinancing / quick sale / reverse mortgage

How to Stop Foreclosure in Cleveland Ohio

How to Stop Foreclosure in Ohio Why does a property end up in foreclosure? One of the main reasons is missed mortgage payments. When faced with a foreclosure in Ohio, many people worry about the thought of losing their homes. Fortunately, if you’re wondering how to stop foreclosure in Ohio there are a few things […]

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Foreclosure Laws in Ohio: What Does “Foreclosure Eligible for Mediation” Mean?

Posted by Wendy Poltorek // June 22, 2016 // Avoiding Foreclosure / Blog / Cleveland // avoiding foreclosure / avoiding foreclosures / eligible for mediation / foreclosure / foreclosure laws / foreclosure laws in ohio / foreclosure mediation / foreclosures / mediation

foreclosure laws in ohio - mediation process and eligibilities

In the state of Ohio, homeowners are fortunate to have specific foreclosure laws in Ohio that allow provisions for mediation. Bordered within the scope of foreclosure laws in Ohio, a program was created by Chief Justice Thomas Moyer allowing distressed homeowners to have alternate solutions for their impending foreclosure problems.  This was called the “Foreclosure Mediation […]

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