Where to Find Foreclosure Listings in Cleveland Ohio Legally

Where to Find Foreclosure Listings in Cleveland Ohio Legally

SIMPLE REAL ESTATE ETHICSKnowing where to find foreclosure listings is a surefire way to get yourself a bargain home. We’ve compiled a list of ways to find auctioned or foreclosed homes the legitimate way.

Legal Options: Where to Find Foreclosure Listings in Cleveland Ohio:


Although we are in a modern era of communication and technology, newspapers are still a legit source for auctioneers who advertise their properties for auction. Scrutinize their ads on these newspapers (both print and online), then double check the auctioneers’ official websites to confirm that it’s legit.


Banks sometimes publish their listings on their own official websites. Check out their websites to search for foreclosure listings. They are usually referred to as “Real Estate Owned” (REO) properties or bank-owned properties.

Auction Companies

Auction companies are another legit provider of bank-owned property listings. Banks who sometimes re-auction these foreclosed homes assign or delegate the tasks of listing services to auction companies. Some of the larger auction companies are Auction.comHudson & Marshall, and Williams & Williams. You could find great bargains from these auction companies’ listing services as well.

Buyer’s Agents

Your local buyer’s agent who is licensed to access the MLS provided by realty firms in Cleveland Ohio can provide you with a list of foreclosures. An experienced buyer’s agent can also give you an in-depth analysis of the current market prices and help bring you a great deal. Working with a buyer’s agent is a top way on where to find foreclosure listings in Cleveland Ohio.

U.S. Housing and Urban Development

From HUD, you can easily find great auction prices for foreclosed homes. These foreclosed homes will likely be sold for a much lower price on their listing site. Check out their site and Facebook page.

Sheriff’s Sale, Estate and Public Auction

Check with your local county clerk’s office for any properties that are going up for auction and bidding. It is at these public auctions that you can find great opportunities to bid for properties at a discounted price.

It is during this stage that you can purchase a foreclosed home at its lowest value. Don’t wait for the home to reach the stage of being owned by the lender or have it entered into the REO or “bank-owned property” stage.

For Sale By Owners (FSBO)

Most of these houses are being sold directly through the owners, who may be in a rush to sell their house fast for various reasons. These homes offer great opportunities to save money on buying homes, as homeowners will likely want to sell quickly to avoid foreclosures.

Hope that we were able to help you finding great bargains either for your next flipping project or your family’s next home! If you have questions or want to partner with us as an investor, I will be more than happy to discuss with you at 216-282-4332.

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