Using Technology to Help Sell Your Home

Using Technology to Help Sell Your Home

In today’s world, a huge part of life is driven by one or more components of technology. Music, social life, media and business have all turned online. Marketing of property too has changed significantly in recent years as the industry catches up with technology. It’s safe to say that being tech-savvy is no longer optional in the real estate market but is fast becoming a requirement. Here are few real estate tech tricks to help you make that sale:

Use the Agents’ Website
Research on the real estate market in America indicates that 94% of homebuyers start their housing search on the Internet. This makes pictures and videos of the property crucial aspect of the sale. Take at least six pictures of the house and show them off on the agent’s website with brief descriptions and contact information. Potential home buyers will immediately like the property based on the pictures you use to advertise it. Use compelling pictures and videos that speak for the real value of the home. This will get home buyers to take the time to visit the home in person and increase chances of getting a sale.

Sharing Content on Social Media
Popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram is where the people really are. People spend 700 billion minutes on Facebook alone each month. Use creative content on social media to attract potential customers. The content can be published in the form of pictures, videos, blog articles or other innovative forms. The benefit of posting content on social media is that users can easily recommend and share the posts, thereby increasing the number of people viewing your property. Social media is also a good way to find out what the audience likes based on their response and comments.

Use Email Marketing
Another effective tool you can use to market the home is email marketing. Utilizing a database of potential property investors can be a very effective means of drawing attention to your property by the right target audience. The content to feature in the emails depends on customers’ interests and information such as pricing and location. The email sent will have a wide reach and may include an advertisement or a brochure to that gives more details about the property and location.

Mobile Technologies
Mobile technologies such as texts (SMS), multimedia service (MMS) and smart-phone apps can be great tools to get word out there. An SMS/MMS promotional blast is basically about sending an advertisement or promotion to customers via mobile phone messages. Sending an SMS or MMS to a targeted audience allows you to connect directly to customers. Such promotional techniques are quite cost-effective. Technology–savvy agents may also use specialized smart phone apps to help zero in on the most likely buyers for the property.

Tech stuff may not be exactly your cup of tea, but you should be open to embrace the right technologies that will help in selling your property. In this day and age, digital dexterity can make all the difference when it comes to making your listing stand out from the crowd.


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