Top 6 Photo Editing Apps & Solutions for Real Estate Marketing

Top 6 Photo Editing Apps & Solutions for Real Estate Marketing

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Venturing into real estate photography takes a lot of skills, photography talent, and awareness of workflow and deadlines. Marketing your services can be a real challenge. By paying attention to your customers – not just the technical improvement of your images – you can begin to make an impact in the real estate photography market.

Often agents don’t have many resources to spend on photo editing nor do they have much time to edit real estate photos for maximum impact. This makes cost-effective photo editing software a great real estate marketing idea. That’s why in this article, we feature some real estate photo editor options and find the best based on price, features, customer reviews, ease of use, and customer service:

  • Price: The baseline for price is less than $10 per month for subscription-based services, $35 for single-license, one-time software downloads, or $5 per edit for professional outsourcing. These baselines were set to keep editing options affordable.
  • Features: Real estate editing software or professional editing solutions should include robust editing choices for everything from basic color correction to complex hue and saturation balancing. At a minimum, the options needed tools/services that allow agents to complete both beginner and medium-to-advanced edits.
  • Customer reviews: We considered what actual users have said about each product and service, and their overall satisfaction was with the features and editing tools.
  • Ease of use: To understand a platform’s ease of use fully, customer feedback and outsourced editing options, we considered how easy it was to interact with the editing professional.
  • Customer service: Most real estate editing software only offers customer service in the form of guides, articles, and email, so we considered these as our baseline for consideration. For outsourced photo editing solutions, customer service through phone, email, or chat is our baseline for inclusion.

Having considered the above points, we picked the top real estate photo editor outlined as follows:

Website :
Description : Agents seeking comprehensive real estate photo editor with special effects, templates, and touch-up. Erase your photo’s background with a single click. This auto-magical feature is exclusively Pro-only, and well worth it. Perfect for product shots, creating logos, YouTube thumbnails, and more.
Website :
Description : For Brokers and agents who want powerful batch-editing photo software. Innovative technologies give a whole new world of possibilities to express your ideas. AI deals with the boring tasks so you can focus on your creative story. Whether you’ve been a photographer for 20 years or 20 seconds, you’ll get awesome results right from the start.
Website :
Description : Agents seeking an app for easy on-the-go editing and photo sharing. This photo editor lets you edit photos and create great designs right in your browser for Free. Experience next level, intuitive photo editing and graphical design with AI-powered tools for quick yet professional edits.
Website :
Description : Realty professionals who want to pay per image for outsourced editing. This apps make life easier and gone ahead and created a custom web app where you can upload and manage all your images and other assets in one single, secure and easy to use platform.
Website :
Description : Agents who need an outsourced real estate photo editing solution for 360-degree images. This solution have a team of photo editing experts that will enhance your images within 24 hours. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They have a dedicated quality control team to ensure editing is performed to the highest of standards.
Website :
Description : Agents who want to outsource photo editing to a design team for a monthly fee. PhotoUp is the leading choice of Real Estate Photographers for high-quality and metric-driven real estate photo editing services and virtual staging solutions.

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