Top 3 Factors To Recognize Good Property Investment Opportunities

Top 3 Factors To Recognize Good Property Investment Opportunities

property investment opportunities

Many people are beginning to venture into real estate property investment opportunities. Surprisingly, lots of these people already have success in their respective jobs. Now, many see the opportunity for a second income in this market as real estate investing has become very popular, and the market continues to prove very lucrative.

With the right implementation, education and campaign, almost anyone can earn a substantial income in this field. Finding the right opportunities for your investments ensures that you have success over the coming years, and that you continue to see growth in your investment. As an investor in real estate, whether a newbie or a seasoned one, finding the best property investment opportunities is critical. Knowing how to find those special investments among a sea of bad ones is the difference between being successful, and taking ten steps backwards.

How Can You Recognize Good Property Investment Opportunities?

Properties That Pay You. Choosing a property that can pay you a “cash-on-cash” return on your investment is most favorable. Try to calculate the possible cash income of one property in an area for a year, and then compare it with the amount of cash you spent acquiring and preparing it for a rental property. If your calculation gives you extra cash after a year, then that property is a good choice for an investment. There are certain formulas to do this but it depends on the type, condition and location of the property you intend to buy. Computation should also include the costs of repairing the house, if there is any. Depending on the number of years you intend to have it as a rental, you can dictate the amount of cash return you will earn in that time.

Less Risk, More Returns. We all know that real estate investments can be a risky form of investment. However, for those who succeed, they maintain a good eye for property investment opportunities by ensuring there are hardly any, if no negatives at all. These negative aspects can include an unfavorable market location for good tenants, poor proximity to amenities, an unkempt neighborhood, poor crime stats and other aspects that can hurt your success as an investor.

Figure out if there are any negatives about a property before investing, or see if you can improve these issues beforehand. If there are too many negatives to name, then you should move on to a different option.

Picking Out “Lesser Stress” Properties. What we mean by “lesser stress properties” are those which do not require too much managing on your part in terms of maintenance and communication. Some examples of these can be vacation or resort rentals, college rentals, properties in bad areas, etc. Avoiding such properties can lessen the tedious tasks of managing your rental properties, thus will give you more time to plan and look for your next target properties.

If you need help finding the best property investment opportunities, join our team of investors! CPD Homes are willing to source out for you. So whether you are looking for a rental income property or a great fix and flip, we regularly receive leads that could fit your investment strategy. We look for opportunities to favor all the parties involved in the transaction. Call us now 216-282-4332, or visit us at We are more than happy to assist you!

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