Top 10 Best Real Estate Apps

Top 10 Best Real Estate Apps

best real estate apps

Whether you’re a home seller or buying a new one, or a real estate agent striving hard to offer the best service to their clients, it can be difficult to keep up if you aren’t incredibly organized.  Once things start to get hectic, you’ll start to miss leads, drop the ball with follow-ups, and cause delays in the closing process.  However, there are lots of online apps available that can be handy in almost any situation. 

We listed some of the 10 best real estate apps to help you stay organized and ensure you to have the best transaction possible!

This app allows you to take photos of any home in order to capture special details about each home someone is considering buying. Once you take a snapshot of a particular house, the app will display home value estimates, interior photos, number of beds and baths, taxes, related schools, school ratings, and more. You’re also able to search for open houses by date. For real estate agents, Homesnap helps you keep track of the homes you’ve discussed with buyers all in one place.

Showing Time
This app helps real estate agents schedule and manage their showings and provide feedback on properties. You can search for listings by specific locations, share listing activity with your clients, alert the sellers once the showing is completed, and you can sync these appointments with your personal calendar. ShowingTime also has an offline mode, so you are still able to access important information.

Real Estate Dictionary
This app is especially helpful for newer agents who are not familiar with real estate jargon. Even for seasoned realtors, the Real Estate Dictionary can be helpful when you’re on the go and need to explain a term or process with your clients. Learn about all aspects of the real estate industry.  One of the best real estate apps ever!

Panorama 360
This app allows you to take high quality panoramic images and shares them on social media. This can be useful while showing houses and you send them to your buyers. It can also be used for sharing photos of your listing on MLS, social media, email, etc. looking for a potential buyer.

Sherwin Sherwin Williams, ColorSnap® Visualizer

With this app’s “Paint a Scene” feature, you can literally try a different paint color on any wall to get a vision of what it would look like. The app’s description says, “You can use augmented reality or a photo of your space, tapping the wall to change its color instantly.” Help your clients stay organized and figure out exactly what they’re looking for in their home.

Just like the desktop version of Dropbox, the app allows you to access your files in a protected environment. You can also share your folders with others; use the document scanner to turn notes and receipts into PDFs, and you can sync and edit your files with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

 The Houzz app helps you improve and design the interior and exterior of your home. Houzz has you covered, whether you are building, remodeling, or decorating. Look through millions of photos to find inspiration. You can also save photos and share with others.

Skip the lengthy conversation and get sent directly to someone’s voicemail when you use the SlyDial app. This is especially helpful for when you are short on time, but need to get important information to your client, lender, or title office. The app takes you straight to their voicemail to leave a message. It also has a group messaging feature, which allows you to send a voicemail to up to ten people at once.

This app automatically tracks when you’re driving and logs your business miles. This saves you time as you no longer have to physically jot down each mile you drove showing houses or running errands for a client. Simply swipe left for personal trips and swipe right for business trips. You can run a report at the end of the year, allowing you to be prepared for tax season.

Chicago TItle One
ChicagoTitle’s One newly updated real estate app helps you with on-the-spot questions from clients, such as “How much will I need to bring to closing?” or “Should I continue renting or can I afford to buy a house?” Closing costs estimates, Rent vs. Buy, Net Sheets, marketing flyers, photo filters, and so much more that you can share on social media, or text and email directly to your clients.

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