To-Dos Before You Sell House Fast For Cash

To-Dos Before You Sell House Fast For Cash

Home-ChecklistIn our previous post, we discussed how to sell your house fast. If you decide this is the best option for you and your family, read on for some important actions to take to secure your future.

Use this checklist to ensure a smooth transition.

1. Don’t wait to start planning for your next home or apartment.

You may want to start by getting in touch with a lender on getting a preapproval. Together with a financial expert, you can evaluate the options of buying a new home or renting for now. Loan terms, interest rates and market conditions are constantly changing. First, research all of your options. Don’t wait until the last minute and be forced to make a hasty decision.

We can provide advice and resources on relocation – give us a call.

checklist prior to selling your home2. Do
not neglect your loan payoff terms.

It is highly advisable to check with your lender regarding your loan-payoff.  Some lenders impose penalties for paying off your loan too early.

3. Don’t estimate your home’s value- get a real estate professional’s evaluation.

Real estate agents can lend you a hand on this one.  As a courtesy, they can give you the actual fair market value of your home to be sold.  In our upcoming articles, we will be discussing how to properly set a selling price for your home to be sold.

4. Save your deposit until the close of transaction.

Until a transaction actually closes, there are always possibilities of termination due to many unforeseeable circumstances.  Financial and repair situations may come up that can cause a buyer to walk.

Entrust the deposited money to your broker until the closing date.

5. Cancel utilities and insurance.

Don’t forget to call the utilities companies and inform them of your move. Same goes for insurance. Don’t rely on the buyers to switch utilities into their name.


This is a basic checklist prior to selling your house fast for cash.  For more details and resources, please click below.

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