Thinking Where To Invest Your Money After This Pandemic? Let’s Explore The Future of Real Estate Markets!

Thinking Where To Invest Your Money After This Pandemic? Let’s Explore The Future of Real Estate Markets!

the future of real estate investing after pandemic

This pandemic has left no industry untouched, including the real estate industry.
So many lives are tied up in global real estate markets. A downturn in the value of real estate can upend lives, while an uptick can enrich them. Coronavirus has caused restrictions to movements, a plunging stock market, and uncertainty about future income. All of this left an impact on the US housing market and made the ‘buy-and-sell’ of properties in limbo.  

So when it comes to the future of real estate investing after pandemic, these are what the experts have to say:

New Opportunities for Investors on the Way

Experts are predicting that as the coronavirus crisis sends property values down, real estate investors who target distressed properties might be getting good buying opportunities. According to the Wall Street Journal, hotels, retail properties, and mortgage-backed securities present ripe targets in particular. In fact, distressed properties have already hit the market and experts expect more to come if the pandemic lasts for long. Real estate investors are also poised to take advantage of declining home prices in some areas in 2020. So depending on your appetite for risk, the coming months might actually prove to be a good time to invest in real estate.

So if you’re planning to buy an investment property after COVID-19, the best thing to do is to pay attention to market conditions while conducting your property search. If you’ve found a real estate deal and your investment property analysis shows that it’s a good one, buying right now wouldn’t be a bad move. Still, don’t expect to see profits and ROI until after the pandemic.

The Future of Real Estate Agents

Many states (including California, Washington, New Jersey, Illinois, and others) quickly declared real estate an essential business and permitted home buying and selling during this time. Other states, however, are adamant that real estate activity isn’t an essential business and should be put on hold during stay-at-home orders. Among these states are Pennsylvania and Vermont. In spite of COVID-19, agents are trying to make things work and close deals.  This brings us to another trend we can expect to see in the future of real estate, and that is the integration of real estate technology. If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us, it’s how to adjust and learn new ways to transact in this business.

Future of Real Estate – Buyer’s or Seller’s Market

Given current conditions, it might be easy to think that the US real estate market has shifted from a seller’s to a buyer’s market. But not all experts believe this, saying it’s too early to make any US housing market predictions about the future of real estate with any level of certainty. Demand was strong before the coronavirus due to favorable demographics and strong employment. People who were going to sell or buy property 2-3 months ago still show interest in completing transactions – they’ve only shifted their timing down the line. Meaning, while the real estate market might not be as hot as it was before the       coronavirus hit, the underlying fundamentals haven’t changed. There’ll always be transactions and, in the future, the pent-up demand should help the US housing market recover after the pandemic is over.

While experts have faith in the future of real estate investing after pandemic, you must keep in mind that the housing market moves slowly as it typically takes time to sell/buy a house even in perfect market conditions. In addition, economic crises not only affect people’s pocketbooks but their decision-making as well. The COVID-19 pandemic came unexpectedly and left people frozen, so there might not be a lot of activity in the market over the next few months. However, once we’re out of this, chances are that the real estate industry will be back to “normal”. What this new normal looks like remains unknown.

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Thinking Where To Invest Your Money After This Pandemic? Let’s Explore The Future of Real Estate Markets!

This pandemic has left no industry untouched, including the real estate industry. So many lives are tied up in global...
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