Looking For The Best Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home – FAST? Check Out These Guidelines!

Looking For The Best Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home – FAST? Check Out These Guidelines!

right agent to sell your home fast

Finding a realtor and choosing the right agent to sell your home fast is not as simple as you may think it is. In most real estate associations or boards there are hundreds or even thousands of real estate agents. Hence, this article gives you tips on choosing the best real estate agent to sell your home – FAST!

1. Ask Questions. Interview.
Like any employer who interviews potential candidates for positions within their company, a seller should interview real estate agent(s). There are many questions that a seller should ask any potential listing agent. There are questions that are more common than others, and here are a couple to consider: “How long have you been in real estate?” “Is it your full-time job?” “What types of marketing techniques and strategies will you use to sell my home?”

“Do you have your own website?” “Do you utilize social media in your marketing strategies?”

2. Testimonials and Reviews.
Past client testimonials and contact information can be a great way to find out about a real estate agent and the service they provide. Ask the prospective real estate agent(s) for testimonials and/or contact information of past clients. A good real estate agent should have dozens of past clients who would be willing to discuss their experience of selling their home. If the real estate agent isn’t able to provide them, it may be a good idea to reconsider hiring them. This is a good opportunity to find out if the things discussed during an interview were carried out with their past clients.

3. Company Information
We’ve said before not all real estate agents are created equal and the same applies for real estate companies (brokers). Not all real estate brokers are created equal! Researching the real estate agents’ broker is very important. Ask the real estate agent for information about their broker. They should gladly provide it, providing they are proud of the broker they work for.

4. Listing Price
Most homeowners who sell their home have a desired sale price that they would like to get for their home. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible for this to be achieved. Make sure that the real estate agent can support and provide detailed information about how they determined their suggested list price. A good real estate agent should turn away a listing where the seller thinks that the value of their home is much more than the market is bearing at that present time.

5. Commissions & “Incentives”
There are many real estate agents who offer commission “deals” and other “incentives” if you list your home with them. When selling your home don’t think about the amount of commission (brokerage fee) that will be paid to the real estate agent(s). “Cutting Commission” are always negotiable as this should be seen as more of a red flag than a savings to you. “Flat Fee Listings” are real estate companies who will list your home for sale for a flat fee. In all likelihood, all they will do is list your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Be cautious and review any “terms and conditions” “Guarantees” or “incentives.”

Moreover, here is a bucket list to consider in choosing the right agent to sell your home fast:

  • Familiarity with the local area and neighborhood
  • Takes the time to become familiar with the features of the home he/she is selling
  • Approachable and friendly
  • Excellent reviews, plus professional handling of negative feedback
  • Local reputation of closing deals quickly and successfully
  • Creative negotiator and proactive problem solver
  • Has experience with your specific selling scenario
  • Listens to your needs
  • Provides you with an up-front quote
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