How this Pandemic Changed the Home Cleaning Business

How this Pandemic Changed the Home Cleaning Business

home cleaning business during pandemic

Professional cleaning services serve a real healthcare need, starkly in evidence in the age of the coronavirus. Nowadays, cleanliness is on everyone’s minds as so many of us are working from home, learning from home, or quarantined at home as COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, continues to get its way everywhere!

The Pandemic’s Impact

Now, as the virus has shaken our daily life, there have been some jolts. Like every business, it’s having a significant impact every day — and it’s a new battle for us, not to mention how the home cleaning business during pandemic drastically changed!

There have been suspensions from a number of recurring clients, and those suspensions have been spurred by clients worried about potential, general health risks. Many companies have a number of proactive policies in place to guard against those health risks, such as not cleaning locations where there have been any viral-related health concerns (such as the flu). Staffers disinfect their cleaning kits regularly and are beefing up the use of protective gear, such as goggles.

Most employees are no longer meeting at the office, and only the managers or franchisees are allowed into respective offices; the cleaning crews pick up and drop off their supplies as pre-determined by 15-minute shifts.

Revenue Tug Of War

About the current business environment, most companies are adding customers as well (even as there have been suspensions), indicating that there is a bit of a tug of war going on within the company’s business model.

In some cases, residential clients want firms to come in more often — in some cases, every day — to disinfect and sanitize their homes (while of course adhering to social distancing guidelines).

Amid the top-line pressures and job worries that are sending small business owners scrambling, there have been scores of random acts of generosity. To help offset pressures on home cleanings, some companies are also diversifying into the commercial space cleaning.

That move toward new revenue streams comes as many businesses, including apartment complexes with common areas, churches and even insurance officers are enlisting cleaning services.

Looking Ahead

Cleaning professionals play a key role in maintaining the health of homes and their inhabitants. Removing contaminants from the indoor environment reduces human exposure to disease and the risk of infection, having health implications for cleaning technicians and their clients.
One positive development in recent weeks for house cleaning services in general, has been designated by state and federal governments as essential businesses as defined by the acronym PHC — professional house cleaner. PHC’s are considered essential first responders, and they are being looked upon in a manner similar to healthcare workers.

Home cleaning business during pandemic is no longer about a homeowner looking at our services as being just about moving dirt or dust — but about providing real health benefits! Targeted hygiene and hand washing are two ways Cleaning Professionals can protect themselves and their clients from the spread of infection.

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