How Rehabbing Home Impresses More, with Less

How Rehabbing Home Impresses More, with Less

less is more in home rehabbing

In real estate, home rehabbing basically refers to the process of renovating a home before selling it at a higher price. When rehabbing houses, you need a considerable amount of investment capital to start a project. However, there are many ways to improve a property’s looks and make a good impression on the buyers without having the need to spend a lot of money. Listed below are some of them:

Less Accessories – More Texture.  The ability to live well with less is one of the factors to good home staging. Creating layers of texture and patterns definitely gives more visual interest. Though many interior designers are delighted in adding more contents trying to impress homebuyers, the fact is – less is more in home rehabbing.
Practice DIY!.  If you are adept at doing handyman and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) jobs, then you would surely enjoy rehabbing home for profit. To rehab a home successfully, you should remember this simple principle: all the upgrades and renovations you will put into      the property should raise its market value. Therefore, you have to make sure that you don’t do unnecessary things that will make the property lose its curb appeal.
Do Some Landscaping.  If the property has a front yard, make sure that the lawn is well maintained and there are no weeds creeping on the sidewalks or the walkway. Planting flowers with different colors near the front door will also give the house a warm and inviting look. Make your mailbox stand out!
Enhance The Entrance!  Giving the doors a new look will also boost your rehabbing project’s curb appeal. Replace old wooden doors with new ones or if they are still usable, you can repaint them and replace the handles or the knobs instead. Also, don’t forget to spruce up the front door by adding a knocker or a wreath.  Cleaning up the windows is a great way to improve a property’s looks without spending a lot of money.
Fix The Fixtures.  Instead of installing new kitchen cabinets, you might want to cover them with glossy paint. However, you have to make sure that they are still in good condition. Placing shower curtains on bathrooms can also add flair to the property’s interior.

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How Rehabbing Home Impresses More, with Less

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