Home Selling Tips During Winter

Home Selling Tips During Winter

home selling during winter

Home buying and selling spikes in spring and summer. However, it isn’t impossible to sell your home during fall and winter. You can do a lot to help your home feel welcoming and bright to a potential buyer. What’s important to remember when you’re looking to sell during the cold weather months? Keep on reading to get a list of tips on home selling during winter!

Create that Spring and Summer Feel!
Showcase what your home has to offer by giving potential buyers the opportunity to see the home during other months of the year. Include a photo album or digital slideshow of the exterior in the summer, spring, and fall. Highlight garden beds, and patios or decks with furniture so the buyer can envision the home year-round. Less natural light makes the home feel smaller, and it’s hard to picture the outdoor space.”

Enhance the Outdoor Experience!
Leaf and snow-covered sidewalks can make a perfectly nice home look sloppy and poorly maintained. Use a leaf blower daily to keep leaves, branches, and outdoor dirt off the walkways, and do your best to keep the yard clear of leaves, too.

Define Property Boundaries and Sidings!
Another challenge for buyers in the fall and winter is that everything usually looks dull and drab. The lot lines are not as visible covered with snow and leaves, so it’s difficult to get a sense of the outdoor space unless it is clearly defined.  Define property boundaries with brightly-colored flags tied to stakes, and place them at the four corners of your property. If it’s snowy, keep the deck shoveled and salted so buyers can walk outside to experience the space. If the climate allows, keep outdoor furniture on your patio so they can get a better feel for the outdoor living space

Maximize Natural Lighting!
Retract blinds, and widen curtains, so there’s minimal window coverage. The windows will look bigger, and it’ll encourage daylight to flow into your space. Go for cozy and bright. If you’re upgrading bulbs in hard-wired fixtures, consider going all LED. Let the buyers know you’re leaving the bulbs for them. Use hardwoods to your advantage. Remove unnecessary area rugs to maximize the effect. Bring in extra floor lamps. Add them to rooms with dark corners to create a warmer setting. Consider investing in landscape lighting, outdoor lighting accessories will amplify your home’s appeal, so consider solar lights lining a walkway, motion-activated spotlights, and landscape spotlights.

Spend Time on Basic Home Maintenance
A drafty window is most noticeable on a cold day, so take extra efforts to weather seal and insulate around windows and doors. Check window seals and doors for drafts. Have the furnace or boiler maintained prior to putting your house on the market On a cold day, buyers will make sure the systems are in good shape. Be a step ahead by having your maintenance team leave a sticker or magnet marking the date of the last inspection to add peace of mind for buyers.

Deep Clean: A Few Places You Might Forget About
Clean inside the cabinet beneath your sink. It’s likely they’ll glance at the plumbing, and they’ll notice if the plumbing and inside of the cabinet are dirty. Clean it well, consider adding a new piece of shelf liner on the bottom, and install slide out drawers or extra utility that’ll be appealing. Make shower heads look like new. Dust ceiling fan blades and the inside of your dishwasher and washing machine.

Remember, always maintain cleanliness between showings, especially now that everyone is mindful of their health and safety amidst pandemic. To know more info on home selling during winter, or simply selling or buying homes, look for a professional real estate agent in you area. Call CPD Homes @ 216-619-4387. They’re a part of nationwide group of thousands of investors who are helping tens of thousands of homeowners every year. CPD Homes have been helping families and neighbors since 2012, and they would love an opportunity to be able to help you. Visit www.cpdhomes.com . Keep safe!

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