Buying a Home? Read These Top Ten FAQ’s Most Home Buyers Asked!

Buying a Home? Read These Top Ten FAQ’s Most Home Buyers Asked!

questions most home buyers asked

Most home buyers are clueless when it comes to processes involving home buying.  And these can be complicated and daunting for a first-timer. That’s why it’s important to provide informative answers to their most basic, yet crucial questions. One great way to guide home buyers along the way is by providing answers and solutions to these top questions most home buyers asked, and CPD Homes listed some of them here:

  1. Should I buy or rent a home? While renting a home is definitely cheaper and less labor-intensive, buying a home comes with more long-term benefits. A great way to inform a home buyer is to put up a detailed blog post on your website about the advantages and disadvantages of buying or renting a house.
  2. What kind of home can I afford? With an online home affordability calculator, they can figure out a specific budget and set a price range based on their income and financial stability. 
  3. When should I apply for a mortgage pre-approval? Without one, home buyers will have a harder time finding a willing seller, so it’s better to break it down on your website for information.  Home buyers must get qualified even though they’re not quite ready!
  4. Can I still back out of a deal?  Home buyers will definitely appreciate your expert opinion on the matter, as they are legally allowed to back out from purchasing a home.
  5. Will Taxes and Insurance be Included in the Mortgage?  It is important for home buyers to know that they will also be responsible for purchasing a home owners insurance policy and paying property taxes.
  6. What’s included with the Home Purchase?  One big mistake a home buyer sometimes make is assuming that what they see is what they’ll get as far as things like appliances and fixtures are concerned.  So it’s a good idea to clarify what’s included in the initial home offer. To make all things clear from the very start of the deal.
  7. What are the local amenities and resources in my area?  When buyers are looking for homes, they also take into consideration the nearby schools, shopping areas, hospitals and event centers.  Therefore, informing them ahead of the relevant info is a must!
  8. Is it possible to buy a home and sell my current one simultaneously?  While it is possible to do both transactions at the same time, a home buyer must first assess the pros and cons of proceeding this way.  It is better to inform them of the Pros and Cons of doing such process.
  9. How much do I pay a real estate agent?  Home buyers are often confused when it comes to computing an agent’s commission fees. Having a calculator feature on your website can easily give your clients an estimate of how much their agent will be getting and encourage transparency in the transaction.
  10. Do I really need a real estate agent?  Working with a real estate agent is a huge advantage in helping a buyer finds the home of their dreams. The best way to convince a buyer is to connect with them on a personal level in order to answer all the questions most home buyers asked.

TALK TO US!  CPD Homes is a Cleveland, Ohio-based company and we buy houses in Cleveland Ohio from struggling landlords, distressed homeowners and even individuals who are looking for a sound investment yielding significant ROI. CPD Homes offers solutions to all homeowners, and we buy houses in any kind of distressed real estate situation. Many homeowners in the United States struggle with homeownership, which is why CPD Homes established its service of helping distressed homeowners ad answers all questions most home buyers asked.

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