8 ‘Child-Friendly’ Tips on House Moving Smoothly with Kids!

8 ‘Child-Friendly’ Tips on House Moving Smoothly with Kids!

Smooth House Moving with kids

House Moving and relocating your family can be exciting, but also stressful for you and your kids. And for you to have a smooth house moving with kids, we listed some tips to make your own moving day go as smoothly as possible, and ease your family’s transition so your kids would feel at home more quickly!

Get Your Kids Ready!

For toddlers and preschoolers, begin by calmly breaking the news about a month in advance — that gives enough time to process the information. If possible, take your kids on an advance tour of your new house and point out sites that will matter: the playground, library, and ice-cream shop. It’s better to tell your kids sooner rather than later that you are moving.

Listen to Their Fears.

Even if your children are excited about the move, don’t underestimate how difficult some of the losses may be — especially if the relocation means separating from someone they love and depend on, like a caregiver or a grandparent. Of course, all children accept things at their own pace, but most experts estimate that it takes at least six months for kids to fully acclimate to their new life. Be there for them.

Walk The Walk

It is important for your kids to see your feelings of sadness and how you manage those emotions constructively. Just don’t overdo the downsides. Negativity rubs off on your child, so don’t bad-mouth the new place or compare your new home with your old one. Try to highlight wonderful things about your brand-new town so your kids will look forward to it.

Keep Family Rituals Going!

Another way to ease the adjustment is to maintain some of your old routines. Keeping up rituals like family meals or game night can build a sense of consistency that’s reassuring.

Encourage Positivity!

Let your children contribute to the moving process as much as possible. Giving them a sense of responsibility over things will develop their confidence and positive actions.

Expect Regression.

Intense feelings about a move can also lead to sleep disruption, appetite change, clinginess, and tantrums. Don’t rush them into accommodating you. They will adjust at their own pace. Let them be creative!

Tour Your Kids Around New Neighborhood!

Be sure to give your children lots of opportunities to meet new pals. This might be the time to let your kid sign up for as many activities as he wishes. You want your child to try out new experiences with different groups until he finds the ones who click.

Develop Their Social Skills.

Younger kids make friends based on proximity, but school-age kids choose them based on similarities. Have kids practice a conversation opener at home, bolstering their confidence will keep them feeling steady. These things could add up to a smooth house moving with kids!

Need more information? Feel free to contact us at 216-282-4332. CPD Homes will be more than happy to discuss with you some other tips and guide you further towards your family’s transition for a smooth house moving with your kids!

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