7 Marketing Boosters for Real Estate 2020 Growth

7 Marketing Boosters for Real Estate 2020 Growth

boosters to real estate marketing

Real Estate marketing strategies are always changing and evolving. What works now isn’t necessarily what will work next year. So, you need to continually change, adapt, and reinvent your strategy for it to be effective.

Here are a few boosters to real estate marketing you should consider doing in 2020 to continue the evolution of your strategy:

1. Be Authentic and Honest = Be Yourself!

Being authentic isn’t new for 2020, but few agents truly focus on it.

The main point: don’t lie, and make sure you understand your audience. For example, a lot of agents want to break into the luxury market, simply because they like the idea of the financial gains that come along with it.

 Being authentic means understanding your audience and being able to relate to them. From there, you can build compelling, and authentic, marketing efforts to match.

2. Empower Your Text Messaging!

Featuring an extremely high open rate and near-instant response times, text messaging is an extremely efficient way to reach your audience. Going into 2020, everyone is jumping on board and building it into their strategies.

As an agent, you probably already communicate with your clients via text. That said, you should really be taking things to the next level. It’s as simple as creating lists of your clients, based on numbers that can receive texts, and adapting your strategy to communicate with them there.

3. Adopting Push Notifications for Content Delivery

When it comes to reaching people, taking a different approach is key in 2020.

A truly tested method is to get people to subscribe to your email-based newsletter. If you’re offering something of value, there’s still a strong case to continue doing just that.

But, with notifications and content delivery getting a lot more sophisticated, another approach is to push out your content through push/browser notifications, or a popup that allows them to subscribe to your newsletter.

4. More Personalized Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t dead, but to be successful at it in 2020, you need to make it more personal.  Not everyone is interested in everything, so you should build your email campaigns around what people actually want.

Everyone is used to getting mass emails that are meant for everybody on a group list. That said, the more time you can spend making the person receiving it feel like it was created just for them, the better you can make yourself relatable and build authenticity with your audience. You need to think not only how you deliver a better message, but how you can provide tailored content to specific market segments.

5. Building a Voice Content Strategy

With the growth and adoption of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, voice technology is everywhere. Right now, for real estate agents, there’s a lot of opportunity to dominate in it.

This rings especially true for agents that want to produce content, but don’t want to spend time writing long blog posts or behind the camera recording videos.

If you truly believe in early adoption and leading the industry, voice content is where you should be. It’s a golden opportunity to create meaningful content before anyone else has the chance.

6. Collaborate with Influencers

Even in 2020, influencers still reign supreme. Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere this year, and it’s a huge opportunity for agents to build their brands and promote their listings.

Imagine the power of having a celebrity real estate agent or a person that has a large online reach, speak to your target audience pushing out information about you or your listings.  it could be a social media post, a guest blog on your site, or a video if you really want to go all out. Influencers are valuable because people trust them, leverage that trust to build your business.

7. Stay Strategic

One of the most important things to know about your marketing strategy is that it shouldn’t be fixed and it’s never finished. You should constantly be adopting new technologies and studying new trends around what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s new.  Doing so will ensure your marketing strategy stays up to date and current. After all, real estate is an industry that is always changing and evolving.

These are just a few effective strategy boosters to real estate marketing agents and the like!  If you’re looking to focus on new initiatives on these tricks or on your own, let CPD Homes take some of your more time-consuming tasks off your plate. Need more information?  Feel free to contact us @216-619-4387. We’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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