What NOT to do at Your Open House!

What NOT to do at Your Open House!

Don’t do things during open houses

The most successful Open Houses showcase the house to the right population of prospective buyers and brokers. Sometimes, to keep the right focus, it’s best to observe the “what not to do” things during Open Houses.  To help you stay focused on the items you and your agent agree will make your Open House a hit, here are a handful of things smart sellers should avoid doing:  

  1. DON’T: Attend or pretend. A seller’s place at an Open House is elsewhere. Serious buyers like to have serious conversations. In fact, the more serious the buyer, the more intense the conversation, critique and debate they might want to have about your home – pros  and cons. When buyers get serious about a property, they can be extremely critical verbally as part of the process of deciding whether they could live there, what changes they would need to make to it, and so forth. These conversations are part of the process of vetting and buying a home – precisely the process you’re hoping your Open House will prompt and promote. 

  2. DON’T: Create distractions vs. attractions. When it comes to hospitality and the perks you can lure prospective buyers to attend your Open House, it’s essential to walk the sometimes-fine line between (a) attracting true potential buyers for your home and (b) creating a circus atmosphere, making your home a disregarded footnote in the Open House Experience.  Treats that showcase the home in its best light or relieve some of the discomforts of a long, hot day of house hunting can prompt target buyers to stay longer, see more of the home or see the home from a perspective they might not have otherwise. Basic refreshments, art that highlights the home and even higher end treats suitable to the price point of the home (like an espresso bar) fall onto the “attraction” side of the fence.   Face-painting, live entertainment and even fully catered meals can easily slide over the line, registering as distractions.
  1. DON’T: Ignore seasonal preferences. Recently, researchers found that buyers place a higher value on homes with swimming pools and central air conditioning in the summer, compared with what they would pay during the winter. Right or wrong, it’s a truth about humanity that behavioral economists call the projection bias: the tendency to overestimate the chances that your future tastes will be the same as your preferences in the moment. 

  2. DON’T: Complicate buyers’ access to the property. There’s a reason it’s called an Open House. The objective is to grant buyers relatively free access to see and fall in love with your home.  Don’t undermine your own Open House by blocking buyers from a room, closet, basement or area of the yard, unless safety absolutely dictates.  Anything you do that requires a buyer to come back and see it at another time just puts one more roadblock between them and buying your home – and that’s the opposite of the desired effect.
  1. DON’T: Neglect the neighbors. Conventional real estate wisdom says agents invite neighbors to open houses because they often turn into seller clients. And this is true. But here’s another truth – your neighbors are the people most likely to know other people who want to live in your neighborhood.  (Read: target buyers for your home.)  The best practice is to be sure your neighbors are informed and even invited to your Open House.

If you’re not sure about these Don’t do things during open houses,  hire a professional – CPD Homes, LLC is here to help you sell your home fast with our great Open House ideas!  We are a part of a national network of real estate investors and see no complicated situation to any of your requirements!  Need more information?  Feel free to contact us at 216-282-4332. We can buy your house in Cleveland Ohio and be your agent to sell your house – FAST!  Visit www.cpdhomes.com to know more about us!

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