5 Attributes of a Good Realtor

5 Attributes of a Good Realtor

Let’s be honest – most home sellers have little or no experience with real estate agents. It’s no wonder that being a real estate agent is not everybody’s day job! Many home buyers and sellers find trouble differentiating between a good real estate agent and a less than perfect one, and many times not until it is too late.

An excellent real estate agent is an informed guide who directs a client’s resources towards the final goal: the sale or buying of the house. So let’s get to the meat of this post. How to choose a real estate agent for that all important home buy/sell decision. Here are the top the characteristics of agents who do the best job.

Sounds pretty obvious, but it is not. You want to go for a legitimate real estate agent for many reasons. First, nobody likes to be conned. No one wants the headache of shadowy deals and transactions. A good agent should be licensed by the relevant city and municipal authorities to conduct business in that area. Dealing with legitimate agents means you can take legal action should things go south. And you don’t have to break a sweat running around to fool-proof your local real estate agents – Google is your friend. Search out their name in quotations, for example “Ohio Realty” and see what Google and other consumers have to say about them. You can also check with the local property department.

Tech Savvy
Today, about 98% of buyers start their home search on the Internet. Prospective home buyers do research for property online and call the real estate agent thereafter. A great agent should have a strong web presence to market the client’s property effectively. As a home seller/buyer consider an agent who has a catchy, informative website and understands the dynamics of internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and marketing tools such as Social Media. A tech savvy realtor will make your home stand out online where the eyeballs are.
Familiar with the Local Market
Great sales usually call for the estate agent to have recent experience and success at selling homes in the area. To succeed in doing this, an outstanding agent should be familiar with the neighborhood and the local property market in which they operate. A dealer who is new in town or who has never sold a home in a particular part of town is a beginner in many ways. You want to go for a well-known agent in your area in order to get the best person for the job. Also be sure to check out reviews by previous clients in order to land on the best deal.

Personal attributes also count. The selling process can take many days and may include one-on-one meetings on more than one occasion. It is easy deal with a realtor you can connect and work with. Great realtors exude confidence and make you feel at ease. Having a great and likeable agent also inspires confidence in prospective buyers. They get the impression that the agent’s listing is an excellent buy. Everybody needs a realtor who is good in dealing with people and will guarantee sales.

Attention to Detail
Selling or buying a home transactions involve a lot of details – pricing, marketing the home, purchase contracts, negotiations, closing deals, payments and so on. A first-class agent who is more likely to sell a home is well organized and pays attention to detail. They know the tiniest changes that sellers can make to improve the salability of their home. They return client calls promptly and make every appointment on time.
These are just five of the most common qualities of successful real estate agents. Look out for these attributes and be sure to increase your chances of successful selling or buying no matter how difficult the sales environment may be at the moment.

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