Five (5) Most Effective Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Home –FAST!

Five (5) Most Effective Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Home –FAST!

home staging tips to sell your home

Home staging is when a home seller prepares his/her house to be desirable Inside and out.  This will carry out to as many potential buyers as possible, positioning the home to sell quickly, and fetch the highest possible price.  This is a good strategy as staging is an essential element of showcasing the home’s best features so that buyers can envision themselves taking that residence soon.  In fact, the National Association of Realtors reported that staging a home increased its value by anywhere from 6 to 10% and 39% of sellers said that staging the home significantly decreased the time their home was on the market. 

And to help you achieve this, we listed down some effective home staging tips to sell your home fast:

TIP#1: Clean Your Home Inside-and-Out!

The goal is to make it as easy as possible for your potential buyers to love your house at first sight.  Step outside of the home and walk up to it as if you’re the buyer and approaching it for the very first time. What do you see? Buyers begin to form an impression of the property long before they walk in the front door. Curb appeal counts!

TIP#2. De-clutter and De-personalize!

When potential buyers come into your home, they want to feel like they have counter space, storage space, and square footage to work with.  While we all treasure those special inherited pieces or the new ones we’ve purchased, the biggest contributors to clutter are too much furniture and furniture that is too large for the space. Opening up the room allows potential buyers to move throughout easily, and see the full potential of each space.

TIP#3: Showcase Your Closets and Storage Space!

One of the top things that home buyers look for is storage space.  It’s a “must have” when they found interest in your home. According to a study performed by the National Association of Home Builders, consumers’ largest complaint was lack of closet space.  Therefore, having a closet that is neatly organized allows potential buyers to see it as spacious and accommodating. 

TIP#4: GO Neutral and Natural!

Painting is an easy and inexpensive way to update and give your home maximum appeal. While having a natural light is a tangible, feel-good mood inducer. The light your house gets from the sun makes any room brighter, more spacious, and makes the potential buyer happier—literally. Compliment it by painting your rooms with neutral colors and tones to appeal to the widest possible audience.  This will make your house livelier, full of life and welcoming to buyers!  The most recommended home staging tips to sell your home – fast!

TIP#5: Add Compliments!

Add details that aren’t personal, but create warmth elements like fresh flowers, candles, and well-placed throws. Allow the space to feel comfortable and inviting without being personal.  Home staging should make a house feel like a home, and balance it with neutrality so that it doesn’t feel like someone else’s home. 

Finally, home staging is not about complicated feng shui, or spending thousands of dollars on new hardwood flooring.  It’s about making common sense decisions based on the type of home and furniture that you have. Now that you have the best home staging ideas and tips to work with, go out there and begin thinking about the best marketing strategy for your home, and prepare mentally for the selling process.  And if you need professionals to help you with, and to better understand other topics on home staging tips to sell your home, feel free to contact us at CPDHomes thru our line @ 216-282-4332.  Visit our website for more of our services.  We will be more than happy to assist you!

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