Eight Most Inviting ‘Open House’ Ideas People Love!

Eight Most Inviting ‘Open House’ Ideas People Love!


An ‘open house’ is a time when a house or any property is available for sale or rent, and can be looked at by the public.  These open house ideas can be the key to a successful property showing and subsequent sale. Real estate professionals do have their own styles for their best open house ideas. They have in mind everything from cleaning and staging the house to more innovative ideas like hiring a drone banner to advertise your event.

We’ve collected some of the best open house ideas that may fit your needs soon!

1. Create an ON-LINE Registration!

If you have trouble reading your sign-in sheet after an open house, consider using an online sign-in process. Upon arriving at your open house, allow visitors to sign-in on your phone or tablet and have their information exported directly into your CRM.

2. Offer your Visitors some Meals to enjoy!

As people visit inside and signed in, give them a coupon for a free lunch! It may uniquely be a food truck parked outside or a buffet-type, depending on your style!

3. Send out Postcard for the Open House!

Postcards remain a tried-and-true method of finding new real estate leads. In addition to showcasing properties, you can use postcards to announce your next real estate open house. 

4. Let the Sun Light Shines In!

Homebuyers generally embrace natural lighting because It can really transform a space even if the weather isn’t the best outside—ceiling lighting can only do so much. It sets the mood as well!

5. Use Open House Signs Strategically!

Since most of the neighbors probably aren’t following your listings online, or your email list, the only way they’ll know you’re having an open house is to tell them. One strategy is to knock on doors or make phone calls to invite the neighbors. 

6. Make a Self-Walk-Through!

Always do a drive-through of the neighborhood and a walk-through of the property itself. Try to get a feel for the neighborhood’s personality and what type of buyer would find value living there. This also helps in developing a target audience and keywords for social media marketing of the open house.  

7. Spruce Up the Front Door!

An inviting door calls people in and sets the tone for the rest of the home. Good first impressions go a long way and can result in a relatively large return on investment.

8.  Stage Like a Pro!

It’s no secret that a well-staged home can help potential buyers feel comfortable and envision themselves in the space. To create a welcoming environment, make sure that walls and fixtures are updated and that clutter is under control. Then, stage each room with furniture that makes the purpose of the space clear.  This is one of the best open house ideas preparation, ever!

If you’re not sure how to stage a house, hire a professional stager who can choose the perfect furniture and decor for the space.  CPD Homes, LLC is here to help you sell your home fast with our great Open House ideas!  We are a part of a national network of real estate investors and see no complicated situation to any of your requirements!  Need more information?  Feel free to contact us at 216-282-4332. We can buy your house in Cleveland Ohio and be your agent to sell your house – FAST!  Visit www.cpdhomes.com to know more about us!

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