Be Our “Bird-Dog” Real Estate Agent 2019!

Be Our “Bird-Dog” Real Estate Agent 2019!

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In today’s real estate industry, it is necessary for property developers and agents to think of a good marketing approach to effectively buy or sell a property.  One good approach is by using the “Bird-Dog” scheme for real estate agents in 2019.

Literally, the term ‘bird-dog’ is a reference to hunting dogs that point to the location of birds and retrieve any birds the hunter successfully shoots.  In real estate industry, Bird dog is a real estate investing term that refers to someone who spends their time trying to locate properties with substantial investment potential. A “bird-dog” looks for motivated sellers or undervalued properties with the intention of passing the deal on to a real estate investor in exchange for a percentage, a sale commission or fee.

Bird-dogs work as an intelligence network for real estate investors. Real estate investors may work with a network of bird dogs to increase the area over which they are looking for real estate deals. Similarly, a “bird-dog” will also develop a network of real estate investors so they have a better chance of converting a particular lead into a deal. The term “bird-dog” is more strongly associated with identifying properties for flipping, but it may also be used in the context of identifying income properties or residential rentals.  Bird-Dogs are a modern type of real estate agent.

Just recently, CPD Homes also launched this program and called it “Be Our Bird-Dog!”. It aims to motivate real estate agents and partners to do the above-mentioned task, thereby earning commissions from it.  So how does it work?

Upon registering with CPD Homes as “Bird-Dog” and be an accredited real estate agent for 2019, they just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Agents must find a House;
  • Bring the House to CPD, we Purchase and Flip;
  • Agents get Commission on the sale side;
  • Agents get the Listing with CPD when completed!

That simple! And yet, there’s more!  What’s in it for the Bird-Dogs?

  • Opportunity to make ‘double’ and ‘triple’ commission;
  • Consistent business (on pace to buy 15-17 properties/year);
  • Obtain referral leads;
  • Access to property inventory before listed;
  • Opportunity to host ‘Open Houses’;
  • Short sale referrals;
  • Become a distressed ‘Property Specialist’ in your area;
  • Enhance your profile as an ‘Agent’ in your community.

In theory, acting as a bird dog is a valuable opportunity to practice identifying distressed properties that can be remodeled or simply touched up for a significant profit. In reality, there aren’t so many well capitalized real estate investors just waiting for the chance to train a bird dog.  Successful bird dogs do exist, but they have likely spent years or decades in the real estate business and have a history of successful deals with a network of private investors.  A new bird dog would find it challenging to match that history and experience.

That said, if you are interested in becoming a bird dog, it may be wise to find a kindly real estate investor or a seasoned bird dog to learn from.  The best thing to do is to contact us at CPD Homes through our landline at 216-282-4332, or email us at!  We’ll be more than happy to train you as our motivated Bird-Dog! Call us now and let’s have a successfully shoots as you become our real estate agent for 2019!

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