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Smarter Real Estate Investing

Posted by Wendy Poltorek // August 19, 2014 // Blog / Cleveland / Featured / Real Estate Investment // real estate investing / real estate investment / real estate investor / real estate investors We Can Buy Your House

Over the last several years, Wall Street gurus have made sure some medium-footprint hedge firms have been pressured to get rid of single-family dwellings. These firms have purchased those properties recently, and now, they face collapse when they cannot pay their loans. What are the lessons for the average real estate investor? One, always know […]

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Equity In Your Home

Posted by Wendy Poltorek // April 17, 2013 // Avoiding Foreclosure / Blog / Cleveland / Featured / Real Estate Investment / We Can Buy Your House

Even though there are 11 million U.S. homeowners underwater, home equity loans are making a comeback. Should you take out a second mortgage in order to tap into your home equity? Or would you be setting yourself up for foreclosure? These are questions to ask your real estate solutions company. Most major lenders have reported […]

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