Selling Your House for a Profit

Selling Your House for a Profit

Selling Your HouseAre you contemplating selling your house but just don’t know where to start? The warm weather is here and buyers are out and about looking for their next home. So, as a seller, it is the best time to put your house on the market!

As springtime kicks into full swing, we are now in the heart of the home selling season. Spring is definitely the best time of the year to sell your house!

Put your best foot forward by preparing yourself for what’s to come and stage your home properly. This is where you can start with selling your house for a profit.

Staging requires a realtor’s professional help. You’ll find a lot of information and advice online, but be sure to do your homework and listen to licensed agents are knowledgeable in your local market.

As a realtor myself, my piece of advice is to make sure your exterior photo shot looks good. At first, buyers tend to search homes online via various listing service sites before they go out to view it personally. So you want to make sure that the outside of your home looks good, the lawn is green, shrubs are nicely trimmed, edges are nicely shot and everything else outside looks good. It’s all about that first impression!

When you have successfully attracted these potential buyers online with your nice looking exterior photos of your home, these buyers will surely schedule themselves for a property viewing to see more of the interior.

During a showing, be sure that your buyers get a complete feel for your home. That means how they feel, what they see and even what they smell. Be sure to neutralize any offending odors such as pet smells and cigarette smoke. You may need to contact professional cleaners to accomplish this if any smells persist after a thorough cleaning and airing out of the home.

We’ve written extensively on selling your house fast for a profit. Check out our blog archives for tips we have been giving out over the years: clean up the house, de-clutter, clean the windows, vacuum, wash the walls and floors, clean the carpets and fabrics, clean the tiles, consider placing new doormats to welcome visitors, try to put up some ceiling & lighting fixtures, and check the refrigerator and air-conditioner.

There are surprising things that could affect the value of your home- we talk about them in the following articles: Part 1, Part 2. In addition, avoid overpricing your home or you might end up not selling your house fast.

You don’t necessary have to spend a lot of money when preparing your home for sale. With these simple tips and tasks, anyone can easily sell their home fast without spending too much.

We hope that these tips and ideas inspired you to get your house ready for sale. :-)

Need to sell your house fast and really quick without doing these preparing and cleaning chores? Give us a shot! Drop us a call right now at 216-282-4332 and we’ll walk you through the process of how you can sell your house for cash – fast and hassle free!

Remove these selling routine headaches! We buy houses in Cleveland Ohio!

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